The Cheyenne holster was popularized by saddlers including F.A. Meanea, E.L.Gallatin, and J.S. Collins & Co. in Cheyenne, Wyoming territory during the late 1870's to early 1880's. This popular style is a variation of the Mexican loop holster and is identified by its tear drop shaped sewn in toe plug and the swell in the pouch designed to lock in the loops to prevent riding up when the gun is drawn.

"Packing Iron" F.A. Meanea style holster with money belt.

Cheyenne holster and crossdraw with rustic walnut stain

#2 Cheyenne pattern holster for a Colt SAA and is pictured with a 3 inch wide cartridge/money belt with semi-woven cartridge loops

Another Cheyenne

This fully carved Cheyenne holster represents the style of the 1880's period.
It will carry Ruger Vaquero, Colt SAA and its clones up to 5 1/2 inch barrel.

It is pictured below with a standard cartridge belt with 30 woven 45 caliber cartridge loops and nickel plated brass buckle.


Aged Cheyenne
I did this one as a working rig with an aged look. I wanted it to look like it came in from a cattle drive used but not abused. I stained it with homemade black walnut stain and did the highlighting and stained looking areas with darkened neatsfoot oil. After slicking it down I rubbed the back and edges with some old jean material to roughen it a little in the areas that would get rubbed.

Left hand Cheyenne holster in my #2 pattern. This holster is stained in my own rustic walnut stain and age oiled. Fits Colt SAA revolvers and clones. Pictured with a Ruger New Vaquero with 5 1/2 inch barrel. Price is $95 dollars US plus shipping.

Cheyenne holster in my #3 pattern with a dark russet finish.

Cheyenne holster in my #3 pattern with a three inch laced cartridge/money belt. This rig is stained in my dark brown stain.


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