Custom Handmade Knives by Cliff Fendley

I have been making custom handmade knives for about 5 years now. As a life-long hunter and outdoorsman I have developed a good sense of what makes a good hunting and skinning knife and have incorporated those principals into my knives.

If you would like me to make a custom knife for you, or buy one from my current inventory,
please contact me at or call

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Too pretty to use? I often hear that about my mirror polished knives. Click HERE to see the truth.

Below are some examples of my work and some of my regular models. Click on the knife below for more information. Remember that I do make custom knives to order. I can modify any of my standard models to your specifications or make a custom knife of your of your own design.

White Tail Hunter              Whitetail Yearling                KD Hunter                 Explorer                          Scout  

    Bird & Trout                  Blackhawk                Bounty Hunter                 Gaucho                  Tombstone Bowie                     

  Eldridge Skinner          Drop Point Hunter          Plainsman Bowie       Classic Hunter         Western Skinner

3 Finger Hunter                        Safari                    Big Bear                          Gambler                        Cody Bowie                   

Other Knives 





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