Modern Holsters

Universal Rig

Every year when I'm deer hunting I keep telling myself I need to come up with a better handgun rig. When deer hunting I like using a bandoleer style holster but if its under my bibs or vest it cant be removed without half undressing. The holster on this rig can be unsnapped and removed from the bandoleer sling without taking off the whole rig. You can snap the holster on the rail of the stand for easy access or it can be worn on your belt.

I plan to incorporate the style with the snaps into a bandoleer rig and didn't want to take a chance of it falling out when climbing in a deer stand or leaning over when field dressing or whatever. By unsnapping the loop the holster can be taken off without undoing your belt or bandoleer sling. I can then attach the holster to the rail of my deer stand for perfect access.

Base Price:  Holster $95 - Bandolier $95

Plain version of my Universal Rig



Snap Loop


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