White Tail Hunter

This is my personal hunting knife that I designed based on a lifetime as a hunter. The size and shape is particularly well suited to field dressing deer and other large game. The mirror polished blade finish repels water and contaminates and provides reduced cutting resistance. Some say a polished knife is too pretty to use. The knife pictured below is my personal hunter made of mirror polished 440C stainless steel that I have used to field dress 21 deer over the last 5 hunting seasons. It has not been re-polished and it has not been re-sharpened other than a few occasional strokes on a croc stick dress the edge. And it will still shave hair.

with Sheep Horn Handle

    Standard Specifications:

    Blade Length: 4 1/4"
    Blade Thickness: 3/16"
    Overall Length: 9"
    Average Weight: 11 oz.
    Base Price: $475 including sheath

    I can modify this knife to your specifications.
    Price varies with modifications.



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